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Antecedent Accordion: a fresh start

A week ago yesterday, myself and Andrew Hayzen held the first ever ‘Cappella on Air’ session. Although this was merely an informal session, just to test the capabilities of Google Hangouts on air, it at least gave us the opportunity to connect ourselves with the outside world about the goings on with the project.

The entire hangout can be found below:

On the whole, it went rather successfully, considering. However, that didn’t stop us raising a few imperfections in its execution which, once clarified, should help profoundly in future Google Hangouts.

During this meeting, we discussed two main points as part of our agenda: the release name and the release date period, whilst also demoing the current state of Cappella and its capabilities.

So, that leads me onto the subject of the release name, and why was ‘Antecedent Accordion’ the chosen one, and how did we go about choosing it? It’s actually quite simple – we wanted a codename that referenced this development series which was light-hearted, yet relevant to the project. In order to gain inspiration, we looked to Ubuntu, and their naming convention, which consists of an animal name, preceded by an adjective. In our case, we decided to replace the animal name with an instrument.

In Antecedent Accordion, we have an appropriate release name which sums up this first series. The correct definition of antecedent is ‘Preceding in time or order; previous or pre-existing’. Since Cappella is in it’s formative state, and this development version will be completed with the release of 1.0, it proves that this is very much a project under development. And, why choose Accordion as the instrument? Well, they’re pretty cool, and everyone knows what they are, right?

So that concludes this blog post. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check the relevant mediums for further updates!

A copy of the meeting can be found here. The project website can be located either on my server, or Andrew’s. To contribute to the project, please visit Launchpad.

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